About Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin is one of that very small group of entrepreneurs who have built multi-million dollar businesses both offline and online.

He is also one of the few who devotes as much time to helping others succeed in business as he does to building his own.

His commitment to martial arts – he is a former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion – led to him setting up his own martial arts school. However, he struggled to make any money at first and quickly recognized the need to change his approach.

Breaking the Mold

He broke the mold in martial arts by being one of the first to use direct marketing strategies to attract new students.

Despite initial criticism from others, his marketing success allowed him to quickly build one of the USA’s leading martial arts academies.

Marketing campaigns delivering a steady stream of new students have led to his academy producing several world champions, UFC champions and a world champion kids team.

Million Dollar Days

Having mastered the techniques of direct marketing and internet marketing in building his school, Lloyd took this knowledge into a range of other markets.

Initially seeing internet marketing as a way of adding a few thousand dollars a month to his income, he realized the potential was much greater when his first online launch made over $180,000 in just one day.

Since then he has built multi-million dollar businesses in many different markets including several million dollar product launches and one making more than $1.7 million in just one day.

He has now built successful businesses in several niches including diet, healthcare and multi-level marketing.

His proven marketing strategies – backed by specialist teams he has built – enable him to use technology and marketing expertise to dominate the key markets where he operates and to enter new markets easily.

Keys to Success

As an enthusiastic fan of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, he attributes his success to being willing to master specialized skills such as direct marketing, internet marketing and copywriting.

He also believes in the importance of taking fast action and implementing what you learn if you want to get results.

Lloyd believes especially strongly in the power of the mastermind principle and having the right mentors. He feels it’s vital to surround yourself with people who share your aspirations or who are already successful in fields where you want to get results.

Through combining a world champion mindset with consistently applying proven marketing strategies, Lloyd Irvin continues to build multi-million-dollar businesses and help others do the same.