Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #5: Collect full contact details

The fifth Lloyd Irvin secret to web marketing success is to collect the full contact details.

As soon as someone visits your site, you want to grab their information – enticing them with your widget and prominent opt-in boxes as described in secrets three and four.

You’ll get the highest response initially if you just ask for basic details such as the name and email address.

However these days, people are drowning in email and many emails simply don’t get through.

That’s why it’s a good idea to go on and request the full contact details – i.e. the home address and phone number.

If you have a physical address, you can send something in the post such as a mailer, a postcard or a DVD – more of these will get through and get noticed.

When people receive something they can hold in their hand rather than an email, it is much more powerful.

To get the full contact information, you can take people to a second page after they have entered their name and email address. You then encourage them to provide this information by offering a physical widget such as a DVD or CD.

Clearly, putting something in the post costs more than sending an email so you need to know how much a potential customer is worth to you; but it can provide a very good return on investment.

In addition, if you have an effective sales process, you can use the phone number to call people right away and try to make a sale.

You have nothing to lose with this two-stage approach. If someone doesn’t give you their full details, you already have their email address from the first step.

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