Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #1: Define a clear market

The first of the 10 Lloyd Irvin secrets to web marketing success is that you have to define very clearly your exact target market.

To do this, you need to conduct research that answers the following questions:

Do we have a market to go after?

  • Do they respond to offers?
  • Can we get to them?
  • What is the size of it?
  • Is it easy to penetrate?

As part of your research, a useful step is to go to a physical bookstore and spend an hour in the magazine section. Pick up a magazine, sit down and scroll through it.

Magazines are expensive to produce so if a magazine is on that shelf, there is something keeping it afloat. These magazines are being kept in business by their print advertisers so start looking at the advertisers and the rate cards.

When you scroll through magazines and look for advertising, you’ll find niches that you never knew existed.

When you find a magazine in a niche that appeals to you, look at the advertising rate card for the magazine and pay attention to who is advertising. Look for back copies and see who has been advertising regularly. People don’t spend $2,000 or whatever for two years straight without it working.

Next step in the process is to find out where else that company is advertising – online and offline. A key element in my success was finding these offline magazines and online sources of traffic where people who are not in my niche are advertising.

Our job is to find places that our competitors and other people in our niches will not be looking for us.

When you have defined your market clearly and know where to find them, you are well set up to take advantage of the remaining secrets.

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