Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #2: Drive lots of traffic

The second of the 10 Lloyd Irvin secrets to web marketing success is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website.

The key to traffic is that it is real people who are interested in what you are offering.

You want as much traffic as possible but it should be TARGETED traffic.

There is no point spending time and money to get people to your website if they are not the right people to buy what you are offering.

That’s why it’s so important as part of your research to define clearly the kind of people that are in your target market and then design your marketing activity to attract them.

There are many different ways to drive website traffic – these can be free or paid. Usually you will want to have a mix of both.

Free traffic sources include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Publicity
  • Forum marketing

Paid traffic sources include:

  • Banner campaigns
  • Pay per Click advertising
  • Paid press release distribution
  • Mobile marketing

When you pay for traffic, you must monitor your spending closely to make sure you are getting the best possible results. You need to track people all the way through from first contact to when they make buying decisions. If you invest in getting someone to visit your site, you need to make sure you are getting an adequate return on your investment.

It’s easy to waste money on paid-for advertising but equally it can be one of the fastest and best ways to attract customers if you follow the right process.

You should also be driving traffic from offline sources such as direct mail, classified ads, TV and radio.

The aim of all these options is usually to drive people to your website so you can encourage them to opt in to your list.

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