Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #4: Entice website visitors with an appealing “widget”

The fourth Lloyd Irvin secret to web marketing success is offering an appealing widget to entice someone to join your email list.

The third secret makes clear the importance of getting someone to join your list but, if you want maximum opt-ins, you need to offer something of value as a ‘bribe’ in exchange. I call this a ‘widget’.

Your widget could be something like a free DVD, a free report/guide, a free online video, a series of tips, etc.

The widget has to be good enough to encourage someone to give you their details.

The widget should also be something that gives a good impression of your expertise and how you can help them.

If you don’t have a widget, a poor widget is better than nothing but having a good widget will help you collect more names.

Your widget has to be appropriate to what you offer and be relevant and valuable to your market.

More examples of widgets include:

  • CD, DVD
  • eBook, Book
  • Teleseminar, Webinar
  • Access to Blog, Membership Site
  • Free Report, Email Course, Ezine
  • Access to online videos, audios
  • Passes e.g. to events

The fastest ways to create a widget include having someone interview you or recording yourself either on audio or video. You can also create a short report with answers to the most common questions you are asked. You can write this yourself or hire a freelancer on a site like elance.com

Your widget should have an appealing title such as “7 Secrets” or “10 Tips”. Having a graphic created of it also makes it more appealing on your site.

You should always test different widgets, titles and descriptions to find out what achieves the best results.

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