Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #6: Follow up with new subscribers immediately

The sixth Lloyd Irvin secret to web marketing success is to make sure you follow up with someone as soon as they join your email list.

Many people seem to think the point of the exercise is just to collect the contact details so that they can follow up when they are ready. That’s a big mistake.

Collecting the details should be the starting point in building a long relationship.

Just as in a personal relationship, if someone asks for your phone number and hasn’t called within a few days, you’ll probably assume they’re not interested and will forget them quickly.

So, when you collect someone’s contact details, you should start establishing that relationship right away. You should help people get to know you and educate them about what you can offer.

Start by telling your story and sharing valuable information. You should have a series of messages going out over the first few weeks to establish trust and educate them.

In these stages, trust is vital so the focus should not usually be on selling.

You can have your autoresponder messages in place in advance to go automatically. You can write them once and use them for years. I have autoresponder messages I wrote 10 years ago that are still going out and making me money today.

You have invested time and/or money in getting someone to your website so you now begin the process of earning a return on that investment.

Failing to follow up immediately wastes the time and money you have invested to get them to your site and enticing them to sign up.

This vital step lays the foundations for everything that happens later.

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