Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #3: Get people to opt in to your email list

The third Lloyd Irvin secret to web marketing success is getting someone to opt in to your email list.

Someone reaching your website will usually have found it through online search, as a result of your marketing or through a recommendation from someone else.

All of these options mean there is a good chance they are there because they are interested in what you are offering.

However only the minority are likely to be ready to pick up the phone or fill in an order form and buy what you are offering right now.

Most are likely to be interested in what you offer but not ready to buy today.

It’s therefore crucial that you do everything possible to get their contact details so that you can stay in touch until they are ready to buy.

By collecting contact details, you build a pool of people interested in what you offer so that you can keep going back to them. This is called two-step marketing.

You are much more likely to make sales to people who have said they are interested in what you offer than by just marketing to everybody.

To collect their details, you need an “opt-in box” on your site where they can enter their name and email so that you can follow up with them using an email autoresponder.

Your aim is to get as many of the people as possible who visit your site to opt in to your list. If say 1,000 people visit your site and 300 join your list, your opt-in rate is 30%. You want the highest opt-in rate you can get.

Here are some keys to the best possible opt-in rate.

  • The opt-in box must be prominent: The best place for the box is usually at the top or top right of the page. It should be “above the fold” i.e. visible on the screen when someone visits your site – whatever size their computer screen.
  • Have multiple opt-in boxes: You should also have the boxes on every page and not just the home page. On some pages, you should also have them in multiple opt-in locations such as top, middle and bottom of the page.
  • Use pop-ups and pop-unders: Although many people say they hate them, pop-ups and pop-unders will increase your opt-in rate. Exit pops when someone tries to leave your site will also help you capture more details.

For best results, you need to tell people exactly what to do. For example, having large arrows pointing to the box can increase response significantly.

Asking for less information will usually get you more opt-ins e.g. just the email will get you more than name and email – but without the name, you can’t personalize the message. You want to test different approaches to see what gives the best overall results.

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