Lloyd Irvin’s 10 Secrets of Web Marketing Success

Success in online marketing is like achieving the results you want in any field – you have to learn the formula and then follow all the steps.

One of the ways I was able achieve success so quickly in internet marketing was that I found people who were already successful and I did exactly what they told me to do.

The reason many people don’t get the outcomes they want is that they try to do what they think is best rather than simply following a proven recipe.

It’s exactly like trying to model the recipe of a top chef but then changing all the ingredients. You won’t get the same result. So if you want to get the same results as Lloyd Irvin in internet marketing, you have to follow my recipe.

The following 10 Lloyd Irvin Secrets are the top ingredients of web marketing success.

Secret 1: Define a clear market

Before you can implement any of the other secrets, you have to decide your exact target market. You need to conduct research to know who your target is, whether they will buy and how you can reach them.

Secret 2: Drive lots of traffic

Once you know your target market and you know where you can reach them, you need to use every method available to get your message to them. That usually means driving them to your website whether you reach them online or offline.

Secret 3: Get people to opt in to your email list

Most of the people who visit your website won’t buy on the first visit. If you let them go, they will probably never return. It’s vital to get their contact details so that you can follow up with them until they are ready to buy.

Secret 4: Entice website visitors with an appealing “widget”

To persuade people to give you their contact details, you need to offer something of value as a ‘bribe’ in exchange. I call this a ‘widget’. For example it could be a free DVD, a free report/guide, a free online video, a series of tips, etc.

Secret 5: Collect full contact details

If you rely only on email to communicate, you will miss out on a lot of sales as people often miss emails and many emails don’t even get through. If you collect other contact details such as postal addresses, you have more chances to make the sale.

Secret 6: Follow up with new subscribers immediately

It’s not enough to simply collect the contact details; you have to help people get to know you quickly and learn about what you can offer. If you don’t do this right away, they will forget who you are.

Secret 7: Make your subscribers an irresistible offer

Starting a business relationship is just like a personal one. As you wouldn’t normally suggest marriage on a first date, you shouldn’t be selling too hard to new business contacts right away. However, people are on your list because they are interested in what you can do for them, so make sure you have something to offer that will satisfy them.

Secret 8: Stay in touch with your subscribers until they buy or die

People will develop their relationship with you at different paces. Some will want to buy right away and others will simply want information until the time is right for them to buy. You need to stay in touch with them providing valuable content until that time arrives.

Secret 9: Create loyal fans by delivering outstanding value

The aim is to build long-term relationships and turn people into regular buyers. That means providing valuable content and quality service while delivering products and services that give them great value and exceed their expectations.

Secret 10: Test and improve constantly

To make as many sales as possible, you need to track all your activity and keep testing different approaches to improve your results. Simple changes can make a big difference to the number of opt-ins and sales you get.

Following these 10 secrets gives you the formula for success in online marketing and will help you develop a highly profitable business.

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