Lloyd Irvin’s 9 Mindset Secrets of Web Marketing Success

Virtually anyone can learn what they need to do to achieve success in internet marketing.
However not all those who learn the information actually achieve success; the crucial difference is not what they learn – it’s having the right mindset.
A mentor once told me that only 3% of people in any field have what it takes to succeed and the remaining 97% will always come up short.
I’ve learned a great deal from my most successful mentors and I’ve spent a lot of time studying the success expert Napoleon Hill – author of “Think and Grow Rich”.
As a result, I’ve identified nine key factors which I believe separate the top 3% from the rest.

1. Winners Take Action and Implement: To achieve success, you must implement what you learn quickly. The route to failure is wasting time thinking about it or waiting for more information.

2. Winners Develop Specialized Knowledge: The knowledge you need is not the type you gain from traditional universities and colleges. You need to learn what works in other fields then apply it to your business.

3. Winners Have Mentors and Masterminds: In any field, the successful people take advice from others who have already achieved the success they want; they also surround themselves with people who have the same goals as they do.

4. Winners Only Say Yes or No: The secret to fast success is that everything has to be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There is no room for “if” or “but” or “maybe”.

5. Winners Hate Losing: At the end of every day, you have to be honest with yourself and decide if you have done what was necessary to move you one step closer to your goals.

6. Winners Know that the Worst Number in Business is One: The worst number in business is one – whether it’s one key employee or one provider of services. You can’t do everything yourself so you need to find ways to get someone to do it for you.

7. Winners Throw It Up Against the Wall: To be successful, you need to be willing to throw stuff up on the wall, see what works and clear it up as you go. If something doesn’t work you have not moved backwards but you are learning how to make progress.

8. Winners Know Good is Good Enough: If you are a perfectionist, you will never take the necessary action. You will always find an excuse for delay so you have to go ahead and get started.

9. Winners Ignore the Bad Guy on Their Shoulder: Everybody has a bad guy on their shoulder saying: “It won’t work for you.” They also have a good guy telling them to keep going forward. You need to fight that bad guy and go ahead and take action.

The real key to success in online marketing is not simply about getting the marketing right, it’s also about getting the mindset right.
That’s what separates the successful 3% from the rest.