Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #8: Stay in touch with subscribers until they buy or die

The eighth Lloyd Irvin secret to web marketing success is making sure you stay in touch with your customers until they are ready to buy or die.

When people join your list, they will develop relationships with you at different paces.

Some will be ready to buy from you right away. Perhaps you have caught them at just the right time or you are a perfect match for their needs. Some of these people will be ready to buy virtually anything you present to them. They can become your best customers.

Others will stay on your email list for a long time until the time is right for them. This may be quite a long time after they sign up but they can also become great customers in the long-term.

Some people have been on my lists for many years before finally buying something. But they can then come right in at my top levels.

Certain people need longer to build trust and confidence but it may simply be that their needs change over time.

In the same way, people who are no longer interested in what you are talking about can unsubscribe from your list. Don’t worry about that. Your job is to focus on the people who are interested in what you offer and want to stay on your list. They are the potential customers.

To keep people on your list, work on the relationship by sharing useful information through your emails, newsletters and events such as teleseminars.

Keeping in touch is not just about email. Try to contact them offline through direct mail and postcards and build contact through other channels such as social media. Your marketing activity should be integrated over several different channels.

You need to decide the appropriate frequency of contact based on you, your market and what you want to say. With some markets I’m involved in, I email several times a day; with others I am in touch less frequently.

Keeping in touch is the key to building the relationship and to ensuring they remember you when they need what you offer.

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