Lloyd Irvin Web Success Secret #10: Test and improve constantly

The tenth Lloyd Irvin secret to web marketing success is getting better results by testing and improving constantly.

Most people put up a website or salesletter and it’s like a dinosaur – it’s there for years and nothing changes. They never test anything or try anything new.

So if you have a website that converts 12%, it will convert at 12% for life.

You’ll never get anything better.

If you want to make more money, you need to increase traffic or conversion or both.

If you never test your website, you’ll never increase your conversion. Then the only way to get more money is to get more traffic and that could be expensive.

To increase your conversion, you have to keep testing. You need to test a range of factors such as your offer, your widget, your headline, the font on your pages.

Changing small things can make big differences.

For example, on one of my sites, I made a simple change to the sales copy above the opt-in box and the signups increased by more than 20%. A small increase in the number of opt-ins can potentially be worth a lot of money.

You should also be testing and tracking your email messages. For example, you should track which messages get most clicks, which get most people to call and which cause most people to opt-out.

You should even be able to track which individual people on your list are opening specific emails and which are not. So, when someone doesn’t open your email, you can send them the same message a few days later with a different subject line.

So testing everything from the wording on your opt-in form to the subject lines in your emails can help you make more money much faster.

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